Can’t Sign Up For ChatGPT – 5 Causes and Solutions!

So you want to get in on the ChatGPT crazy and try your hands with the most advanced AI in the world right now… But it turns out for some reason, you can’t sign up for ChatGPT. While there may be many reasons you may be having trouble, we cover the top ones here. If the steps here did not help, feel free to comment.

What is ChatGPT and why you should sign up?

ChatGPT is a tool that was released on 30th of November, 2022. It quickly became one of the quickest growing apps in the world, and for good reason – it was a site that offered human-like conversation with an all knowing Artificial Intelligence! There may be many reasons you would like to sign up, some of them trivial and some of them more specific.:

  • You want to see what the fuss is all about
  • You have some free time and would just like to Chat
  • You are a student and want help with your homework: (You might be interested in this article I wrote as well)
  • You are a developer and need help with your code
  • You are a business owner and are considering using AI in your operations
  • And so on..

Whatever the reason, you are having trouble creating your account, and this is where this post comes in. First things first…

Can’t Sign Up For ChatGPT? – Make sure you’re following the right steps!

Here’s how to register for ChatGPT:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on sign up:
  3. Enter an email address, or use Google, Microsoft or Apple account to sign up directly:

  4. Finish the sign-up process.

Assuming you are in the correct URL and are following the correct steps, and are still having some issues, there may be some other things that may be causing the issue, and things you can try.

Can’t Sign Up For ChatGPT? – 5 Possible Causes and Solutions

1. Technical issues on OpenAI’s side.

OpenAI are the company behind ChatGPT. From time to time there may be actual technical problems on their end, like some server downtime or maintenance. You can even monitor the status of their services on their website:

Solution: Wait until the outage is resolved. Monitor the status on their site:

2. Demand is too high

This is similar to cause number one, but a bit different because OpenAI might not be aware of the problem yet as it is not a planned maintenance. 

Solution: Wait until the outage is resolved by itself, or contact OpenAI support directly if you do not see the outage:

3. Your country is not supported.

You can find a list of supported countries here: Although most countries in the world are supported, some are not. 

Solution: Contact support to request if they plan on adding your country or try registering with a proxy from a supported country.

4. Invalid account details entered

Make sure you are entering a correct email address and a secure password. In general, you will get a notification in the screen what the issue is, so you should resolve it directly in the sign up form

can't sign up to chatgpt - invalid details

Solution: Enter a valid email address and a secure password.

5. An account already exists with those details

Make sure you haven’t already created an account with that email address.

Solution: Enter a unused email account

These are some general situations that may occur, however, sometimes there may be some local issues on your side that you may need to take care of. Below I will outline some stuff that you can take to resolve your sign up problem if your situation is not one of the above listed ones.

Can’t Sign Up For ChatGPT? – 3 Fixes That Can Solve Local Causes

1. Clear your cache and cookies

One of the most common reasons people have problems with online sites is due to old cache and cookies. Try clearing them and registering once gain. Alternatively, try with a different browser that you do not use that frequently.

2. Change your network

Check your internet connection. Make sure you can connect fine to other sites and it is not too slow. If you are using a WIFI, try connecting to a mobile network and vice versa to see if it fixes the issue. There are sometimes interactions between websites and particular internet providers that cause issues.

3. Change your device

Make sure you have a modern device, as it is possible some websites use frameworks that are not supported by older devices / operating systems / browsers. In general if you have a device purchased in the last few years and an up to date operating system, you will most likely not experience any issues. But if they are older and not updated, there may be problems. Try with a different device that you have.

As you can see, these last few are very general tips, but believe me, most of the time one of those is just what you need.

Can’t Sign Up For ChatGPT? Summary:

There may be many reasons why there are sign up problems in ChatGPTs website. Some of them are independent of you, and some of them may be specific to your operating system. If you did not manage to fix your problem with these solutions, and are still having a problem – feel free to comment below with the exact error you have, and send me a screenshot. I would love to have a look and see if I can help!